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Why People are Keen to Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day

Although Bitcoin seems really new in terms of currency and popularity, it has actually been around for a good number of years. In fact, even the possibility of digital currency to buy physical goods isn’t anything new. It was on the 22nd of May 2010 when the first physical Bitcoin transaction took place – where Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John’s pizzas!

Of course, back then Papa John’s didn’t directly accept Bitcoin as payment, but an offer on the Bit Coin Talk platform soon made the transaction happen. Since then the 22nd of May has been celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day – where people celebrate the ways that digital currency has changed and grown over the years.

Why People are Keen to Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day

Spending Bitcoin in 2022

Thankfully, those that want to spend Bitcoin these days will have a much easier time in doing so – in fact, on Bitcoin Pizza Day lots of takeaways across the US even offer discounts for those that wish to pay for their food using Bitcoin.

One of the first industries to really embrace Bitcoin and other digital currencies was the online casino industry. This industry has always been keen to offer its customers a range of current options when it comes to carrying out casino transactions and Cryptocurrency was no exception. Nowadays it is pretty common practice for casinos like Spinbit to offer a range of Cryptocurrency games and to accept a variety of digital currencies as a way to deposit into your account.

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This year has seen several big-name brands announce that they would be accepting Cryptocurrency as payment in at least some of their stores. The likes of Gucci, Starbucks and even Tesla now accepting Bitcoin as payment certainly paves the way for other brands to follow suit – something that gets more likely as the popularity of Cryptocurrency continues to rise.

The Celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day

The first physical Bitcoin transaction 12 years ago might not have been a straight purchase using digital currency, but it is heralded in the history books as a really important transaction. It is this transaction that started to encourage brands to think outside of the box when it comes to payments they can take – and for consumers to see Bitcoin as a spendable currency and not just one for investing. Each year those that celebrate buy two pizzas as a way of celebration and going by online talks so far, 2022 is set to be no exception.

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