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Whatsapp Last Seen Update: User can See Who see your Last Online

Whatsapp is the popular high-speed messaging app in  India and all over the world. Now, Users will be able to hide their last time from certain contacts with this new and alternative Privacy feature of Whatsapp, “Whatsapp Last Seen”.

Whatsapp Last Seen

In this article, I am gonna show you everything about Whatsapp’s Last Seen Feature.

Here you will know about this sub-topic:

  • Finally, WhatsApp is launching a new Privacy Option. 
  • The messaging platform will soon allow you to hide the last visit from a specific contact.
  • Previously, WhatsApp only allowed users to see everyone, including my acquaintances and someone last seen.

So, Let’s get started.

Whatsapp about

Whatsapp is a multi-platform messaging app that allows people to send text SMS, make Video and Voice Calling and also share their status, and much more with just a Wi-Fi connection.

Apart from what makes this app interesting is that it works on different phones and computers, so you can continue your conversations anytime, anywhere.

What Is Whatsapp Status?

Whatsapp Status is a status update that disappears 24 hours after uploading. You can share texts, photos, videos, links, and GIFs. After the growth of Whatsapp’s 24 Hours Status, Facebook published this feature with the name of Story.

By default, WhatsApp status is only enabled between two users whose contact details are stored in their contacts. If you do not save someone’s number in your contacts, they will not be able to see your status message.

About Whatsapp last seen and online

Last visited and your contacts online tell you whether they last used WhatsApp or whether they are online.

When contact is online, WhatsApp is open on the front of their device and connected to the Internet. However, it does not mean that the contact has read your SMS. The last visit means that the contact has last used WhatsApp. With our privacy settings, you have the option to control who you see last.

There are several reasons why you may not see contact for the last time:

  • They can set their privacy settings to hide this information.
  • You may have set your privacy settings so that your last visit is not shared. If you do not share your last view, you will not see the last view of other contacts, or may you have been blocked from the other side.

New Whatsapp Last Seen update

The most annoying feature created by Whatsapp is the Last Seen status. But, the messaging platform was smart enough to add some privacy level, allowing everyone to choose who could see their last visit. 

But the privacy option was limited and included everyone, my contacts, and Nobody. Unfortunately, for all these years the last seen status for me was no one’s alternative default. However, that may change soon. As WhatsApp prepares to add the most important privacy options we all deserve.

WhatsApp has added a new privacy feature that lets you hide your last viewed status on WhatsApp from certain contacts in a new version. As a result, users will be able to choose who will see their “Last Seen” timestamp soon.

While the Last View tool is useful for determining when a particular contact was last seen in the app, it can be intrusive in some situations. No one likes it when they are told they are on WhatsApp and do not reply to any messages. 

A beta version of the Whatsapp Last Seen feature has new functionality released, allowing users more options so they can hide their Last Seen View.

How to use this New Whatsapp Last Seen Feature? Tutorial Published by WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp tracker.

WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp tracker, first discovered it and released a screenshot of how it functionally works on the Android Phone. 

Here is the step-by-step process of using this Feature:

  • First, Users now need to navigate to Settings Accounts Privacy Last Seen to hide their last view from others.
  •  There are only three options available to users: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. 
  • There will be a new option My Contacts Except…. with the next version.

With this new and 4th option, normal users will be able to hide their last viewing time from certain contacts. Users must choose a contact they do not want to share their last visit with. 

This is similar to the feature launched to allow WhatsApp users to choose which profile photos and information to view.

WhatsApp Last seen Privacy Setting

The feature is still being tested, and that’s why WhatsApp is currently launching it only for beta users. However, once rolled out, users will be able to hide their last seen status from certain contacts. The most important bit is the control it will give users. Imagine that you don’t want to be stuck in some messy surroundings in the messaging app.

In the Latest Report, WABetainfo, who oversees the latest WhatsApp update, claims that the new latest privacy setting is being introduced for beta users. 

The new privacy setting after the recent beta update is not for profile photos and WhatsApp options, which means the wait maybe longer.


I hope you have got the news of the new feature Whatsapp Last Seen. Many people are searching Whatsapp last seen tracker, online free to know the last seen of their contacts. But, Whataspp has no official Active feature of this. Now, In recent news, they are testing this feature.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

How much time do you use WhatsApp at Night?

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