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iOS 15.2.1: An unexpected bug fix for the iPhone

The other day, Apple released iOS 15.2.1, and as is my practice, I downloaded it to my iPhone ASAP.

After all, it didn't seem like it could be much worse than iOS 15.2 (OK, thinking that might have been tempting fate because, as we all know, it could have been a lot worse!).

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It was a big update -- around 800MB -- and according to Apple, it fixed a bug in Messages where it might not display photos sent as iCloud links and patched a problem affecting third-party CarPlay apps.

The only security fix listed for this update is a patch for the HomeKit flaw that could be used to crash iPhones.

Now, iOS 15.2 was messy. I updated to this release while I was traveling around Europe, and the bugs made things painful. Four problems really stood out:

  • Reduced battery life
  • Apps becoming sluggish and temporarily unresponsive
  • Connection to Apple Watch (and other Bluetooth devices) becoming unreliable
  • Screen becoming unresponsive to touch (locking and unlocking seems to fix this)


I wasn't expecting my relief from the 15.2.1 update.

But it seems I was being overly pessimistic because the update immediately fixed all of these issues.

Battery life improved dramatically overnight, app performance and screen responsiveness were back to normal, and problems with the Bluetooth evaporated.

It was like night and day.

Hopefully, we're hitting an island of stability for iOS 15. It's about time. But don't be surprised if future updates bring back old bugs or introduce whole new ones.

But as far as this release is concerned, it gets two thumbs up from me, and I recommend that you install it as soon as you can.