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Elderberry Syrup: The Natural Solution for Cold and Flu [ Tested ]

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Does elderberry help with fever?

How it reliefs muscle pain?

Does it help with migraine?

Can elderberry syrup unclog stuffy nose?

Is elderberry syrup good for cough?


We all know the frustration that comes with cold, flu, and viruses. The stuffy nose, feeling hot or cold, watery eyes, muscle pain, fatigue, even sometimes nausea or headache. And we all have some secret weapon for dealing with such health conditions, including natural, homeopathic, or synthetic medical treatments.

Well, one of my secrets for a quick cold and flu recovery is elderberry syrup. And even though this herbal remedy was used mainly in the past for the treatment of viruses and low immune system-related conditions, many people today consider it as the ultimate solution to their flu issues.

This syrup is extracted from the elderberry fruits (also called Sambucus), which are small purple round fruits, looking much like blueberries. They contain high amounts of vitamin A, C, folate, as well as potassium, calcium, and iron. This combination of micronutrients make the elderberry plant powerful immune booster, as is strengthens the body cells’ barrier and improve the efficiency of their proper functions.

The effects of this plant on the immune system and cold recovery process have been studied and proven by multiple medical pieces of research, which have used different patient groups and elderberry products (syrup, candy, juice, pills, etc.)

But in this article, we will focus on the effects that elderberry syrup has on our body. According to a study published in the Online Journal of Pharmacology and PharmacoKinetics, this remedy can have a positive impact on multiple flu-related symptoms: fever, muscle pain, headache, stuffy nose, and caught.

Let’s see the details!

  • Does elderberry help with fever?

The source shows that consumption of elderberry syrup can be associated with reduced fever (in the range of 38-39 degrees) in less than 48 hours. Compared to other herbal medications and placebo, elderberry syrup showed a faster and more effective impact on increased body temperature due to internal inflammation, bacteria, or virus. The reason for this is the high vitamin C content (it acts as an antioxidant), and the presence of iron, which can improve the body’s function to fight pathogenic bacteria in the blood.

  • How it reliefs muscle pain?

According to the study, the consumption of natural elderberry remedy can be an effective method to reduce the symptoms of muscle pain in 24 hours and completely get rid of this condition in less than 48H. The high calcium content in this fruit syrup contributes to the proper muscle functioning and relieves pain, cramps, or tingling sensation in the different body parts.

  • Does it help with migraine?

Compared to placebo treatment (in the published research), people who used elderberry syrup as headache remedy had significant improvement in the symptoms shortly after the first dose, and in 48 hours, the same patients confirmed that the pain is completely gone.

From another point of view, elderberries may have a positive effect on people suffering from migraines, due to their high folate content. According to a study published in the Journal of Head and Face Pain, the regular consumption of folate can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine episodes. It may also prevent the development of related symptoms in the time of cold, flu, weak immune system, or body inflammations.

  • Can elderberry syrup unclog stuffy nose?

Elderberry syrup can be also used effectively for relieving the symptoms of a stuffy nose! It can quickly reduce swelling of the nasal cavity, decongest the nose, and help you to breathe easier. The study showed visible results in 24-48 hours, as vitamins A and C in this remedy helped to reduce the inflammation process and replenish the mucous membranes.

On the other hand, the elderberry syrup couldn’t get rid of mucus discharge on 100% for short treatment time. This flu symptom was only partially relieved, and the majority of people confessed to experiencing mild discomfort even after the treatment.

Check out our 4 effective methods to get rid of stuffy nose in this dedicated article!

  • Is elderberry syrup good for cough?

The evidence did not found that elderberry syrup can get rid of caught , but it effectively put it under control! The syrup did not let the caught to get worse, and contributed to relieving, and preventing lung inflammations. Besides, the study suggested that this natural remedy can detoxify the chest tissues and block the growth of microorganisms and bacteria inside the lungs, throat, bronchi, and trachea.


You can find elderberry syrup in almost every pharmacy, or you can even make it easily at home! You may take it on a daily basis (to strengthen your immune system) or only when you experience flu symptoms.

And don’t forget to take the right amounts in order to prevent overdosing!

  • 1 teaspoon a day (if you take it daily)
  • 1-3 tablespoons a day (to treat symptoms

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and I do not aim to give any medical advice. The information presented in this article is based on scientific research and personal experience and aims to give information about the topic.

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