Amazing Features in Telegram Premium You Need to Know

The paid version of Telegram, Telegram Premium, is now available. The premium edition is promoted to support the platform’s operation and future development. Here are some amazing Features in Telegram Premium you need to know.

Telegram Premium is Ad-Free:

There are no ads in Telegram Premium. As a result, you won’t see the sponsored ads that pop up in well-known, public one-to-many channels. However, because Telegram’s adverts are only available in a few nations, some users could not have ever seen them. But for those who do, whether Telegram Premium is worthwhile for purchase may depend on removing adverts.

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It enables Faster Download Speed:

You can also get download speeds as fast as your internet connection will allow by purchasing Telegram Premium. This complements the increased 4GB file upload size limit, implying that you can upload bigger files and get them as quickly as possible whenever you wish.

Enables Improved Chat Management Functions:

If you participate in numerous groups and follow multiple channels, Telegram may become a bit noisy. You can create Telegram chat folders in the free version to better manage your conversations. But in addition, the premium plan enables you to define a default folder that will appear when you open the app and add extra Telegram folders (up to 20 total).

Can Add Animation to your Profile Picture:

You can now add videos to your Telegram profile image. Your videos will be animated for everyone and throughout the app, including in chats and the chat list if you purchase the premium version.

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Now has a Voice to Text Converted Feature:

Telegram has long supported voice communications, and the premium version goes much further by integrating a Voice-to-Text conversion tool. Your audio notes are converted into text as promised. When you don’t have headphones and are in a busy or noisy environment—or even when you’re watching a movie or listening to music and don’t want to pause to play the voice note audio—the text feature is most beneficial.

These and many more are the amazing features you could consider before migrating from Free to the Premium Version. Do you think these features are worth your pay?

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