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3 Simple [ & Pleasant ] Ways to Have More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Buy a reusable water bottle

Buy GREEN cleaning products

Use dishwasher

Global warming, climate change, air pollution, poverty, water and soil contamination, and water scarcity are not recent problems. In fact, every day, those problems are becoming more difficult to be solved. That is why it is time to forego our consumer and selfish habits and turn our mindset to the planet, its wellbeing, and stability.

Of course, one person can’t do this alone but think about the power of 7 billion people who are united in their mission to save the planet. And our world can’t be saved only with speeches and putting the blame on the others. You know who we are talking about.

The efficient way to deal with those urgent problems is to motivate each other, support people to create new inventions for sustainability purposes, and reinforce our endeavors to change our daily life for the good of the future.

And as every successful path starts with some baby steps, this article will show you the 3 simple ways you can make your lifestyle more sustainable.

Let’s dive in!

  • Buy a reusable water bottle

Nowadays, there are endless websites and shops where you can buy reusable water bottles from. And their colors, sizes, designs, and features vary to make your choice more personalized.

If you are a coffee or tea fan, you can find bottles that keep hot, as well as cold drinks. Or, if you don’t have much space in your bag, there are transformable bottles to suit your style. White, colorful, with patterns, names, letters, glitter, leather; different materials, such as glass, silicon, metal, BPA-free plastic, etc.; the choice is basically endless.

But how that helps the environment? Well, according to the website of the CRI, around 70 million single-use plastic bottles end up in landfills and water pools each day. And that is only in the US! Now imagine that each bottle requires 450 years to decompose naturally.

By having a reusable water bottle on hand, you can contribute to diminishing the plastic waste dropped in the environment and help our planet to become a cleaner place.

  • Buy GREEN cleaning products

According to a Guardian’s article, based on scientists’ point of view, “Cleaning products a big source of urban air pollution.” But in fact, it is not only the air that those substances pollute: as they are usually washed away with water, they end up contaminating the soil and the world’s water resources.

It’s a fact that the major contributors to such pollution are industrial plants. However, as cleaning our homes is an inevitable activity, which is literally impossible without the use of good cleaning products, we as households, are also involved in this.

But we have an alternative! Buying eco-friendly products can help us to become more environmentally sustainable, as we will reduce our negative impact on the planet in terms of chemical and hazardous substances usage.

Nowadays, there are plenty of companies who are selling ECO cleaners, which, for the surprise of many people, are as effective as the hazardous ones! Besides, they smell better, aren’t toxic to us, and are incredibly affordable! Such brands are Eco Clean Nordic, Puracy, and Better Life.

  • Use dishwasher

This tip is great news for every person who hates washing dishes on hand! But it’s true!

Using a dishwasher instead of hand-washing your kitchenware is far more sustainable in terms of water, electricity, AND cleaning product. The reason for it is the fact that many dishes are being washed at the same time, using a single tablet (or liquid) and a limited amount of electricity and water.

An interesting article in The Telegraph shows that “One cycle in a typical dishwasher costs the same in energy and water as heating between four to six washing-up bowls of water in the kitchen sink, or running the hot tap continuously for six to nine minutes (depending on whether the household has a metered or unmetered water supply).”

So you can easily make this kitchen chore more pleasant and sustainable!

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